PSI’s Progress, Thanks to You

The following post is by PSI Director for Corporate Marketing, Communications & Advocacy Marshall Stowell.

In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we want to thank you for the support you’ve given to PSI this year. With your help, we’ve accomplished so much. We couldn’t cover it in one quick blog post, so we’re including our Progress Report.

Inside our report, you’ll see how PSI added 22.17 million years of healthy life with the products we distributed and services we provided in 2011.

PSI’s strong worldwide network allows us to better achieve equity and innovate to solve some of the toughest health challenges facing communities where we work. PSI invests in cost-effective solutions to expand our program reach, maximize health impact, and empower local stakeholders with the technical knowledge necessary to take ownership of health systems.

The result:

Stronger health systems that more effectively, efficiently and equitably reach people.

Increased health impact: PSI’s 2011 health impact is double our 2006 health impact.

Value for money for those who fund our work. The World Bank considers interventions costing less than $100 per year of healthy life added to be highly cost-effective in the least developed countries. It cost PSI $29.70 to add a year of healthy life in 2011.

Read more about our impact here: PSI Progress Report

Get engaged:

  • Support PSI: For $29.70, you can provide a person with a full year of healthy life – a year free from debilitating diseases.
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