PSI-LINGOS partnership to benefit 100+ local NGOs in Latin America

The following post is by Oana Lupu from PSI’s Learning & Performance team.

A new memorandum of understanding between PSI and international consortium LINGOS (Learning in NGOs) will make PSI’s html coding for an online learning management system that includes training evaluation available to LINGOS free of charge.

The unique coding, designed by PSI specifically for LINGOS, allows project implementers to give employees access to online courses, track their progress and measure the impact of completed courses on employees’ work.

The training evaluation survey measures the extent to which new skills or knowledge gained through an online course have been put to use on the job. It is based on PSI’s highly-regarded behavioral survey used to measure and improve health interventions, called the TRaC survey (tracking results continuously).

The coding and survey have been donated just as LINGOS is implementing an online capacity-building program for more than 100 local NGOs in Panama, Brazil, Paraguay and Guatemala. “We are thrilled to partner with PSI on this project,” said LINGOS Executive Director, Eric Berg. “It’s clear that PSI is a leader in learning management, and the coding they have provided will allow us to measurably improve our programming.”

PSI has been a member of LINGOS since 2009, long benefiting from LINGOS’ wide range of tools for developing, distributing and implementing learning activities. “PSI has benefited immensely from our partnership with LINGOS in getting access to many free online courses now available to our staff globally through our learning management system,” said Marie-Laure Curie, Manager of Learning and Performance at PSI and a member of the LINGOS Board of Directors. “We’re excited to share our html coding and survey to allow others to improve learning in their programs as well.”



LINGOSis a consortium of over 55 international humanitarian relief, development, conservation and social justice organizations that share learning resources and experiences. By providing the latest learning technologies and courses from our partners, LINGOs helps these nonprofits to increase the skill levels of their employees, and therefore increasing the impact of their programs.